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Der Wunschbaum / TV programme package

In Summer 2017, the German TV channel, SAT.1, broadcast a new programme called 'DER WUNSCHBAUM'. It's about making children's wishes come true. Not for themselves, but rather for those who need it most in their opinion. The German tv presenter Thore Schölermann visits several german schools, bringing a big tree with him, where they can pin their wishes on. It's about emotional stories of children and their beloved ones.

I had the chance to design the whole package for this new TV programme. From the logo design, to the show opener and closer, I was responsible for all the packaging elements as well as some on air promotion clips. The logo I designed, represents the tree as an icon next to the typeface, that combines a school writing type with a haptic wooden typeface. For the show opener I animated 2d "handdrawn" stroke drawings over real footage, showing children and their beloved ones. A lovely, modern look, playing with hybrid animation and people's emotions.

Concept / Logo / Motion Design / Show Package Production made by me.




Logo Design
Motion Design
2D Animation


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